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Two associations for save  protect the planet

“Alone we go faster, together we go further”.
This is the motto and the challenge that our two beautiful associations have set themselves: to give and do their utmost to save the Amazonian forest!

The Amazon in figures

80 to 120 billion

50 to 70%



tonnes of carbon contained by the Amazon (source: Greenpeace)

of the world’s biodiversity in the Amazon (source : WWF France)

of the Amazon rainforest area lost in the last 35 years

increase in deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in the first half of 2021

The Dreamearth Association


Dreamearthis an association that was created in 2020by Jean-Philippe LOTH.
Based in Reims (France), it was created on the basis of an agreement, a vision and common values shared with Aquaverdeand our current sponsor Almir NARAYAMOGA.

Concerned about the future of the world and its environment, our founder was keen to act, to find the right people and the right solutions. His determination has enabled him to find them and hopefully make Dreamearth a landmark for years to come in the protectionand safeguarding of what is currently one of the key pieces of our climate regulation: the Amazon.

Almir NARAYAMOGA is the chief of the Paiter-Surui tribe, an indigenous people of Brazil. At the forefront of the massive destruction of the Amazon, he has been actively fighting to defend the Amazon forest against illegal logging for over 20 years.

His unceasing struggle and his commitments make him one of the main actors in Brazil fighting for its preservation and protection.

Our collaboration with him was therefore more than possible and obvious!

The Aquaverde association


The Aquaverdeassociation was created in 2022 and is based in Geneva (Switzerland). Its founder, Thomas PIZER, aims to “promote and support all initiatives aiming to bring a new dimension to the interaction between Man and the environment“.

Son intention de sauvegarder tous types de vies, humaines ou non, sur la planète, a largement favorisé sa volonté de coopérer avec l’association Dreamearth et son fondateur Jean-Philippe LOTH.

Indeed, Aquaverde invests its efforts in the sustainability of the Amazonian forest, its biodiversity, its river, its population … It was therefore logical for our three men to join forces and rebuild what was, and still is, slowly disappearing.

Alone we go faster, together we go further!”


Dreamearth & Aquaverde



Defend, protect and safeguard the Amazon forest against deforestation



Participate in the replanting of trees and their development for 3 years in the Amazon



Determination, Collaboration, Humanism, Perseverance